Inspire your kids to learn about being kind and doing good in the world!

Our quarterly Subscription of Do Good Toolkits are a fun & engaging way to teach kids, ages 5-10 years old, about helping others, animals and the environment in YOUR community AND around the world.

We provide simple ideas and easy-to-do activities in our Toolkits to help connect you and your kiddos to "do good" opportunities in your area...and around the world if you're super adventurous!

How it Works

Every 3 months, your child will receive a new package, each focusing on a different "do good" theme.  Each toolkit contains a carefully selected and beautifully illustrated Children's Book, an interactive Activity Guide with fun games and conversation starters and cool surprises related to the theme to inspire your kids to connect to the world around them by being kind & doing good.  

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Every 3 months, a new themed Toolkit will arrive at your door

Spread kindness by doing good in the world

Our Toolkits

Each Toolkit contains a carefully selected and beautifully illustrated Children's Book, an interactive Activity Guide, and 2-3 cool surprises related to that quarter’s theme.  We also use the stories of our five unique For-Purpose Kids characters, each as a champion for a different cause, to teach your child about how to become involved in their communities to Make the World MORE Awesome!

Be Kind and Do Good Starter Kit

Introduces the ideas of being kind & doing good in kid-friendly lingo

Doing Good for People & Communities

Understand what it feels like to help people & communities in need

Helping Animals in our World

Learn about animal conservation and how to help in your community & around the world

Our Environment

Discover ways to protect the environment now and for the future

3 Simple Things You Can Do to Raise KIND Kids

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"I fell in love with it"

"I absolutely love the concept of immersing children in philanthropy so that they can be wonderful stewards of the home we all call planet earth. I purchased a wonderful package that I fell in love with and it will be my go to gift for children of my family members and friends."  -Ellen Mitchel, For-Purpose Kids Fan & Passionate Philanthropist

By A Kindhearted Mom

for Kindhearted Kids

Hi, I'm Misty, founder of For-Purpose Kids! I'm a Mom with a purpose- to teach and inspire my son and other young kids to make the world a better place through giving back and volunteering...or in kid lingo, to be kind and do good for others, animals & the planet.

When my son was born in 2016, all I could think was, "What type of world would he grow up in"? As the answer seemed a bit unsettling, I got to work. My creative team & I developed 5 multi-cultural For-Purpose Kids characters to teach kids about being kind and doing good in conjunction with fun and interactive toolkits that would inspire ideas and activities that 5-10 year old kids could do on their own to make the world a better place. And with that, For-Purpose Kids was born.

With a background in early childhood education and as a passionate global volunteer, it was a dream come true for me to cultivate toolkits & design activity guides that would be simple & easy-to-use for parents yet fun and engaging for young kids. For me and with For-Purpose Kids, it's all about planting the seeds of kindness, compassion and doing good at a young age- it's truly never too early to start teaching these concepts. So we look forward to you and your kids joining us to Be Kind, Do Good & Make the World MORE Awesome!

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