Be Kind & Do Good Starter Toolkit


This kit introduces the ideas of doing good by giving back and helping others, in relatable, kid-friendly lingo. Great for ages 5-10.This Toolkit c... KEEP READING BELOW

This kit introduces the ideas of doing good by giving back and helping others, in relatable, kid-friendly lingo. Great for ages 5-10.

This Toolkit contains:

  • The Giving Book, by Ellen Sabin- this fantastic book teaches kids about giving and ways they can help others which will not only make them feel good but will also help them grow into kind and compassionate global citizens
  • For-Purpose Kids Starter Kit Guide- this guide introduces the five For-Purpose Kid “Characters” that will teach your kids about the ways they are kind and do good, and connect them to other cultures and regions around the world with their diverse backgrounds.
  • Welcome Guide for Champions- this booklet provides the benefits of inspiring kindness in young kids and ways you can help support their efforts to do good in the world.
  • Journal of Purpose & Action-  this is the PERFECT place for your kids to write down their thoughts and ideas about being kind & doing good to make the world MORE awesome!
  • For-Purpose Kids T-Shirt- not only will your kids love wearing our t-shirt because it's soft and comfy, but they'll love telling their friends what For-Purpose Kids is all about.  
  • **(WARNING!) The Starter Kit only comes with one t-shirt, so be sure to order an additional one from our website so you can avoid any fighting over it between kiddos!
  • For-Purpose Kids Tote Bag-  to carry their journals and extra things around (so you don’t have to!) while they’re out doing good in the world.
  • For-Purpose Kid Character Cut-Outs- Paper Dolls meet Flat Stanley.  A simple and fun activity for kids that introduces them to each character. Also great for sparking imaginations and providing endless hours of fun with puppet shows and role plays at home!
  • For-Purpose Kid Certificate- this certificate can be colored and decorated by your kiddo to showcase their creative skills and unique personality.
  • Surprise “goodies” that may include stickers, magnets, buttons, temporary tattoos and/ or eco-friendly kindness confetti (these vary individually by package)…just to mix in a bit more fun for the kids!
For-Purpose Kids Ellen

"I absolutely love the concept of immersing children in philanthropy so that they can be wonderful stewards of the home we all call planet earth. I purchased a wonderful package that I fell in love with and it will be my go to gift for children of my family members and friends."

-Ellen Mitchel, For-Purpose Kids Fan & Passionate Philanthropist