Join us March 17 in Venice for the Nothin' But The Sand Beach Clean-up with Heal the Bay!

“In a modern society, we rarely give our youngest citizens
the opportunity to contribute their ideas and talents…
Volunteering is the perfect way for children to be welcomed
as productive, active members of a community.” 
                                   ~ Gabina Torre

Want to connect your kids to volunteer opportunities but don't know where to start...or what to do? No need to worry…we have some fantastic resources to help get you started!


All for Good (United States) All for Good is a simple and easy to use platform to search for volunteer opportunities for kids within the United States. Link to the site and click on + More Options to find a search field which allows you to input "Youngest age allowed" as a filter. You also can input your zip code, area of interest, distance from location and several other search filters to locate opportunities that are a good fit for you and your For-Purpose Kids!


Volunteer Match(Major Cities, United States) Volunteer Match is another user-friendly platform to search for opportunities for kids to volunteer. On the homepage you will see a search field based on location and area of interest. In the Search box for “I care about…” you'll see the word Advanced (for Advanced Search) - click on that to return additional search filters. On the right-hand side of the page, you'll see a box you can check that says Great For Kids - simply check the box, enter in any other search filters you choose, hit the Search button and your relevant results will be at your fingertips!